Our uniquely engineered multi-stage heat recovery technology fully utilizes the wasted energy after being best combined with mill energy users while taking into consideration environment and process requirements.

Custom Analysis to identify opportunities to recover energy; an eco-solution for each client
Each heat recovery application is unique and requires a specific analysis to identify and qualify the available heat sources, heat sinks and the best way to maximize the energy transfer while minimizing the capital investment.
This is the Enerquin Eco-Solution, which is also enhanced by CO2 reductions and recovered water.
An Energy Efficient Technology and CO2 Reduction
Enerquin Air Heat Recovery eco-solutions systems for Paper Machine applications are specially designed to help recover up to 70% of the energy exhausted from the drying process, between 50% to 75% of the water evaporated from the drying process and incidentally help dramatically reduce your CO2 Emissions.

Heat Recovery Systems are designed to effectively recover energy for many applications:
Heat process water, direct & indirect
Heat a thermo fluid for high temperature
Heat a water/glycol solution (click to
  access the Building ventilation section)
Pre-heat process air make-up supply
The multi-stage heat recovery technology
Three (3) stage Eco-Solution transfers a maximum of energy to the paper machine process through efficiently combined Air-to-Air (1st stage) and Air-to-Water (2nd stage) heat recovery units, while recovered energy is maximized through a Air-to-Glycol unit (3rd stage) for winter heating of building make-up air.
Indirect Air-to-Water Heat Recovery
Air-to-water indirect economizers are designed to maximize heat transfer where contaminated exhaust streams cannot be in contact with the fluid.

Typical applications:
Process water
Water for cleaning shower (no filtration required)
Boiler feed water
Other process application requiring clean water
Glycol and thermo fluid heating

Maintenance free solutions
Wide gap between heat transfer plates
Integrated cleaning showers
Quick removable access panels
Direct Air- to- Water Heat Recovery
Air-to-water direct economizers are ideal to transfer energy from a clean or contaminated air stream to process water. The water can be used as is or filtered following process requirements.

Typical applications:
Process water normally heated with live steam
Cleaning shower (requires filtration)
Process water to raise stock temperature
White water heating

ECO-WD75 ideal for dirty exhaust stream
ECO-WD85optimum heat transfer with low maintenance
ECO-WD95maximum heat transfer

Maintenance free solutions
Removable heat transfer elements
Access doors
Non-clogging spray nozzles
Air-to-Air Heat Recovery
The Air-to-Air Plate economizers are designed for clean and dirty exhaust streams for optimum efficiency and minimum maintenance.

Typical applications:
Suitable for wet and dry applications
Wide spacing to minimize fouling

Maintenance free solutions
Access doors
Cleaning showers
Air-to-Air Heat Recovery
The Air-to-Air Tube economisers combine flexibility in the geometry and the construction to provide solutions for low and/or high pressure and temperature applications.

Indirect tubes
Suitable for wet and dry applications
Ideal for combustion air pre-heating
Variety of tube sizes to suit a wide design range and minimize fouling

Maintenance free solutions
Access doors
Cleaning showers
The performance of our systems is supported by the dedication of our engineering and service team, ensuring the efficiency & profitability of your investment and reducing your production costs year after year.
Is mist causing problem around the machine?
Hood and air systems are essential to the papermaking process and should routinely be checked to ensure that they run at an optimal level.    more