Our Technical Service Department offers
We offer audits, analyses and trials to assess the improvement potential that could be turned into concrete savings in addition to increased profit, higher productivity as well as improved environmental compliance. These surveys can then be followed by performance improvement projects. After a successful project, a performance agreement will ensure continuous high performance, as our experts will continually analyze your process performance and suggest improvements.
Paper Machine Hood & Air Systems Survey
On-site measurements are carried out during normal operating conditions, without interruptions to production.
The following data provides information related to drying efficiency:
  Hood supply and exhaust air volumes and temperatures
  Pocket air humidity levels
  Dryer surface and sheet temperatures

This information is used to determine:
  Average hood operating humidity levels
  Water, air and thermal balances for each dryer section
  Machine drying rate
  Steam consumption ratios

These factors are crucial for optimizing the hood process air systems and charting the dryer section performance.
Yankee Air System Survey
Yankee air systems are energy intensive and should routinely be checked to ensure that they run at an optimal level. A proper hood balance ensures maximum thermal efficiency (i.e. BTU (fuel) per ton of paper). A simple survey allows the papermaker to verify hood performance and balance the air systems. These surveys can often result in significant savings in burner fuel and fan horsepower consumption.
Heat Recovery Survey
Minimize your energy consumption by optimizing the heat recovery from your hood and process air systems.
A heat recovery survey will allow you to:
  Calculate the efficiency of existing heat recovery systems
  Optimize operation of existing systems
  Identify potential heat recovery strategy based on your
     specific needs
  Select the appropriate equipments; determine the required capital investment with payback period
Machine Room Ventilation Survey
Poorly ventilated paper machine rooms have an adverse effect on the working environment.
Machine room ventilation may be optimized by addressing the following factors:
  Wet end former process exhaust and air change rate
  Room air balance and distribution
  Hood and process air systems performance

Our machine room survey covers testing and inspection of all air systems including a detailed maintenance plan with recommendations on how to improve room air conditions.
To ensure that your personnel obtain a proper knowledge of the various process air systems and understand their modes of operation, on-site training sessions are conducted using your own paper machines.
Service Contract
Routine inspection of your hood and air systems, with on-site adjustments during normal operating conditions followed by a written report. Visits are scheduled on a annual or semi-annual basis, or more frequently to meet your requirements.
Steam and Condensate Survey
A thorough examination to identify the various problem areas associated with the drying process.
We recommend a list of practical solutions and whenever possible, proceed with on-site adjustments which offer immediate and tangible benefits.
Complete and Comprehensive Survey Report:
  Summary of recommendations with budget prices
  List of priorities
  Dryer performance and hood balance
  Process air systems performance
  Inspection observations
  Flow diagrams and charts
  Calculation sheets

The report will list a series of short term, mid-term and long term recommendations. This invaluable guide will determine the necessary course of action to optimize the performance of your hood and process air systems.
The TSD Team:
  Full-time dedicated technical engineering staff
  Complete range of specialized testing equipment
  Over 700 surveys on paper and tissue machines in North America and overseas.
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